Local firm crews, marketing companies, directors and film support companies can now register for the “Colorado Reel-Crew,” an online tool that will allow film industry workforce and support service companies to showcase skills and services to producers who want to film in Colorado.

The online tool is part of the Reel-Scout platform, an online software utility created for film offices to provide state-of-the-art location management and scouting assistance. The Colorado version allows the state’s Office of Film, Television and Media to track, manage and promote local crews and businesses that provide production support services to companies filming movies, televisions or commercials in the state.

To register, business owners can visit http://co.reel-scout.com/crew_login.aspx, select “register now” and follow the prompts to enter their information. Once the information is entered, incoming productions can identify local residents that can be hired to work on productions. Colorado Reel-Crew will be open to the public August. 1.

Reel-Scout is currently used by more than 60 film offices and commissions in the United States. New features available to the public through this tool include location specifications, mapping and key word searching capabilities.