The Sky Sox baseball team has agreed to participate in a city-sponsored study to see whether building a downtown stadium for the minor-league team could work.

“We’re very happy where we are now and we had no plans to move,” Sky Sox general manager Tony Ensor said.

He said the city came to him and asked if the team would be willing to consider moving. Since so many people in the community seem to feel it would be good for downtown and for the city as a whole, Ensor said the team is willing to consider it.

“But we’re really going to leave this up to the community,” he said.

The Sky Sox and the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance sent a survey out yesterday to fans and members asking residents and business leaders to respond to questions about what kind of seating they would buy in a new downtown stadium, how much they would likely be willing to pay and if they would support the idea of the Sky Sox moving from its current location at Security Service Federal Credit Union Field in northeast Colorado Springs.

“Recent media reports and informal polls of readers and subscribers indicate a great deal of interest and support for such a project,” reads the email from the business alliance.

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There could be advantages to making a move, Ensor said. While  Sky Sox is one of the only a handful of AAA baseball teams in the country to own its own stadium, it is 25 years old and there are some things the team and its major league partner, The Colorado Rockies, might be happy to improve.

Ensor said he didn’t know anything about the timeline or what to expect.

“We’re really just in the earliest stages,” he said. “The city is really managing the entire process.”

Click on the following link to take the survey:





  1. I would love to see the Skysox move downtown for many reasons including that it would just be really cool to have a downtown stadium (like Phoenix, Cleveland, Denver already enjoy). Proximity is another positive. I would go to more games if the stadium were more centrally located. The big problem with such a move will be parking . . .

  2. I think this would be a fantastic boost to the city’s image and economy. I love how Denver has created a fun downtown and have always wished Colorado Springs could do the same. Being so spread out does not help us present an energetic, hip image. God knows the latest campaign “live it up” didn’t help.

  3. I’ve seen the benefit of a minor league stadium in Akron Ohio and believe the same thing would happen in Colorado Springs.

  4. This one is easy. In every city with a down town park, there has been growth and development in the CBD. Denver and OKC are two easy examples. A ball park and a convention center would change the complexion of the Springs, and in a good way. It would show that we are a community willing to invest in itself, instead of just waiting for others to come along and do so.

  5. Would much rather see a more multi-purpose venue , along the lines of INFINITY PARK in Glendale . Leave baseball where it is and bring in other cool sports like lacrosse, rugby , soccer, concerts, graduations and other special events … i.e. opening ceremonies.

    Lets innovate instead of fawnishly copy ……

  6. We like the Sky Sox where they are. It would not be the same downtown, and our family would no longer attend games. Colorado Springs is more than just downtown.

  7. That is odd because there are over 300+ comments on just KRDO’s newsfeed indicating a negative opinion and most I’ve discussed it with agree it’s a bad idea. This is being driven by the groups and private organizations that stand to earn millions by developing the property they own. The same people who have pulled economic vitality away from downtown by developing Powers and Northern COS. We need a strategy and research that shows where the BEST place is for such a stadium not just arbitrarily saying “downtown” because it lines the pockets of the developers yet again. Show us the research for COS not some other city with a completely different composition, footprint and market. Why not up north along I25 and Academy, or along Academy to revitalize that economically blighted area? Come on people, ask the hard questions and let’s start making community decisions that benefit the ENTIRE community not just the power silos. I’ll gladly back such an endeavor once we see the research but just stating “downtown” without any analysis of traffic, market, demographics, infrastructure implications, etc is shortsighted, irresponsible and biased.

  8. I think it’s a bad idea, and a horrible use of funds. Their current facility is very nice, and parking is good.

  9. This is a terrible idea. Keep Sky Sox where it is. I saw this reported yesterday and it was the talk of the office today. Out of close to 20 people, only one thought it was a good idea. That one person had never even been to a Sky Sox game and she had no interest in baseball. I am sure that is the case for many of the people who think it is a good idea. Leave Sky Sox alone and come up with a good idea. Since when is trying to steal business from one part of town, just to move it to another, a good idea. The other thing is the good eating is along Powers and Academy, not downtown. Also if you are trying to compare the Springs to Denver, Look at the downtown’s. Denver’s roads go through the down town. Here the traffic has to zig zag through several roads just to get through town. Not a good design and it is not likely to ever get fixed. In the next year or so I-25 will be redone between Bijou and Cimarron. Then are they going to have to do it again, if the stadium is moved. I have lived here for over 50 years and much of the business left downtown in the 70’s and 80’s because people were not interested. I think if the stadium is moved that will not change. I hear from people that they do not want to go downtown because of the lack of interesting business, all the homeless, there is no free or convenient parking, the big brother cameras and just the general difficulty of getting around downtown. God help you if you try to go on a Tuesday because of the runners. Denver does not have free parking but you never have to walk far to something interesting.

  10. Would it be possible to include the link to the survey in this article. That way we can cast our vote. Thanks!

  11. Oh dear. If people think Powers has more interesting food and businesses, God help us all. If you couldn’t see Pikes Peak, you might mistake the drive up Powers as being any of a hundred other US cities.

    I, for one, think a downtown stadium is a good idea, but you can’t help feel that this is more pandering to Kratt and the other developers. What kind of concessions are going to be given to the developers to allow them to get more rich? More properties blighted? More tax breaks? Discounts on utilities?

    This is a ‘no’ for me until there is more discussion on parking, traffic, and how the new stadium would meld with the existing downtown. I don’t want to see another eyesore University Village put up. How about using existing parking structures and a bus/lightrail line between Tejon and the stadium?

  12. The leadership of Colorado Springs needs to visit other similar size cities and find the ones who have created a diverse, vibrant and revenue positive downtown community.

    Omaha stands out as a prime location.

    If this city wants to grow attract quality business and provide a vibrant lifestyle then build it and they will come.

  13. I think they have a great place now. If you move it down town there is a parking issue, also lets really look at it, The homeless would be all over the stadium, and when going to a game there would be more pan handlers then you can count. I was in Cleveland and its a big problem for them during games. Leave it where its at, and just fix it up. Its great out there and it works for the people. I dont think it would be good for the team, it may be good for the downtown area but who wants to fight the beggers to get into a game. Even Denver has problems with it at Coors field, I’ve been there alot as well as the sox and Its nice not to have to walk 3 or 4 blocks for parking as in Coors field, and not having all the pan handlers asking for change.

  14. I think there are better options for downtown than building a baseball stadium there. An entertainment center of some sort like an expanded Mr. Biggs or a Dave & Busters would bring more families and possibly business’s needing a venue for parties or team building events. Another idea could be a Villa Sport or Lifetime Fitness center with indoor pool facilities. They are both a big hit on the North side of town. Also a Whole Foods.

  15. 1) The Sky Sox team already exists in Colorado Springs, this would not generate any new revenue (Unless they raised their prices)This is robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    2) Local Businesses around the current stadium are not associated with the stadium (Cost CO? Walgreens? Hobby Lobby? Target? There is a strip mall that has been trying to get retail space built right next to the stadium but can’t because the stadium is a unique market. You spend your money inside the stadium not outside.
    2) The current stadium is already in a good place to support the growth patterns of Colorado Springs.
    3) Why are we spending millions of tax dollars to replace a stadium that in itself is already NEW!!!! Especially when we can’t afford to fix our storm water drainage problems?
    4) Customers are not going downtown because they don’t like down town, a new stadium wont bring them back, what business plan ever includes moving into a shrinking market??? (Who likes the parking? Who likes the drunken idiots, panhandlers, druggies that hang out in the park?

    So why are we doing this? Because we think it would be “Cool!” to have a downtown stadium? Really that is how we make our fiscal policy? Spend millions to replace something that already exists because it would be “Cool!”

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