A program under the Southern Colorado Court Appointed Child Advocate will open a downtown location, at  110 Boulder St., where foster teens can get new and gently used clothes.

The location is the former home of children’s shoe store Junior Bootery.

While foster children and the families that care for them get some money from local, state, federal and private organizations, they don’t get more than a small stipend for clothes.

“We were getting a lot of requests from teenagers for new clothes,” said volunteer Susan Krassy.

The Milton Foster Children’s Fund can finance certain extras like summer camp, musical instruments and lessons, Krassy said. But there was no money for clothes.

“We always thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a store for foster teens where they could get cool clothes?” Krassy said.

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The group, which is partnering with the Colorado Department of Human Services and Junior Achievement along with any other teen-focused organization interested in using the space, is looking for donations.

“We had all these clothes we had been collecting for two years,” Krassy said. “We didn’t think we’d ever have a space, so we gave them all away.”

Krassy said the new store will be exclusively for foster kids. Even though the public is welcome to come in and offer services – like tutoring – or donations, the space and clothes will be for foster kids.

She expects that the store will only be open one day a week, but the space will be constantly occupied for tutoring, yoga and other teen activities.