mascotIt’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s MRF Man — Colorado Springs Bestway Disposal’s mascot.

The mascot, who represents Bestway’s Materials Recovery Facility, is in a heated national March Mascot Madness competition, hosted by Waste & Recycling, an industry publication.

According to the Waste & Recycling bracket, MRF Man has the best backstory: One day at the dumpster, mild-mannered Jimmy Grimes has a run-in with a radioactive raccoon. Afterward he realizes that, “recycling is the true key to changing the world.”

MRF Man has made the Elite 8 in the online voting contest, which last year garnered 4,000 votes. Voting for the Final Four ends at midnight March 12. There are no cash prizes, only bragging rights, according to the site.

Bestway Disposal opened the MRF, the first in the region, in summer of 2012. The facility processes 30 to 40 tons of locally collected recyclables, including aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastics.


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