Orchard Ovens Bakery will open Sunday at 3 E. Bijou St. downtown.

The new bakery owners hope to thrive where others have failed. The storefront has been home to an organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich restaurant and cupcake bakery in the last two years, both of which shuttered during the holidays.

soupsand“Previously, that location was focused on one product line,” said Orchard Ovens owner Beth Kempp. “And that’s why we’re hoping it will work for us. We will have multiple product lines.”

Kempp and her husband left corporate America and their home care business last year to launch the bakery. The idea was to use tried-and-true family recipes. Kempp’s husband grew up in a family that owned a bakery and Kempp’s grandparents also owned a restaurant.

The couple wanted to do something more fun.

“So, we took a leap of faith.”

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They opened about a year ago near the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. And business was good. They developed a strong following during their first six months in business.

“Then the Waldo Canyon fire hit and it really hurt our business,” Kempp said.

Their lease was up and they started looking for a new spot. It took seven months but 3 E. Bijou seems like an ideal location, Kempp said. They looked at more than 20 spots before deciding on the downtown storefront. They wanted to stay on the west side of I-25 or downtown. Everything they looked at would have been expensive to build out, Kempp said, or it was too dirty.

In addition to offering a diverse selection of baked goods, Kempp said she will rent the kitchen out to others and will sell their products in the store’s retail area.

Kempp said the shop will offer soups and sandwiches during lunch and will likely add downtown delivery service.


  1. I am very interested in renting kitchen time and the ability to sell there. I am specializing in baked goods made with organic ingredients with vegan and/or gluten-free options.

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