Memorial Hospital has hired two local surgeons from its competitor, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

Thoracic surgeon Matthew Blum and cardiothoracic surgeon Martin Beggs are leaving Penrose to join Memorial this spring. They will partner with cardiothoracic surgeon Bryan Mahan, who has worked at Memorial since 1999.

Blum is one of four general thoracic surgeons in the state. The others work at Memorial’s sister hospital, University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. Thoracic surgeons specialize in chest surgeries, with a primary focus on treating lung cancer.

“The University of Colorado Hospital is a world leader in lung cancer research and treatment, and to be able to integrate with that is a major win for Colorado Springs,” Blum said.

A native of Colorado Springs, Blum graduated from the University of Denver. He went to Johns Hopkins University and had additional surgical training at Vanderbilt University, where he conducted research on heart and lung transplants.

Beggs is a cardiothoracic surgeon. The heart surgeon graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and completed his residency at University of Texas at Houston. He worked at the Texas Heart Institute and received thoracic oncology training at MD Anderson. He spent 12 years in private practice in Sarasota., Fla., and has extensive experience working with geriatric patients.

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“Colorado Springs voters issued a mandate for Memorial to elevate the quality of care in our community when 83 percent agreed to least the hospital to University of Colorado Health,” said CEO Mike Scialdone. “With three of the community’s four heart and chest surgeons now practicing at Memorial, we are delivering on that mandate.”

Blum, Beggs and Mahan are part of UCHealth’s Colorado Health Medical Group and are full-time employees, along with 200 other doctors and specialty practices.

Other projects are also going on at Memorial: a multi-million dollar electronic medical record system, new technology and stroke accreditation. The hospital will be starting tens of millions in capital projects this year as well.

“We are proud of the many strides we’ve made at Memorial in a short amount of time,” said UCHealth CEO Bruce Schroffel. “At the same time, we’re just getting started.”