Honor Hands, a Christian organization, is working on a project of biblical proportions.

Honor Hands Jerry Vinnola said that is finalizing a Southern Colorado land purchase build the Biblical ark according to measurements and directives in the Bible.

Plans include a taxidermy museum accessible to the blind so they could touch and feel the animals. There would also be an amphitheater and office space for other Christian outreach organizations, a science center and restaurant. Vinnola said he also plans to eventually build a water park on the site.

Vinnola said he would not reveal what city or even what county in southern Colorado could be the future home of the project until the land purchase is final because he’s afraid people would begin speculating about where it could be built and start buying up neighboring properties.

“We want to make a difference in the world with this project,” Vinnola said. “And we believe people will come from all over the world to see it.”

That means it will be a boon for nearby businesses and will likely create hundreds of jobs, Vinnola said.

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The project demands hundreds of acres of land, he said.

“It will be biblical in scale,” he said. “God left the blueprints there for a reason.”

And Vinnola said he plans to stick to the blueprints as much as possible, though the boat won’t be built to float.

“For longevity-sake, we won’t use gofer wood,” he said.

But there is a concrete compound designed to look like wood that he said should achieve the right look.

Vinnola expects the final price tag to come to about $70,000.

A Christian woman from out of state has already pledged $23 million as an initial investment that will allow Honor Hands to build the ark. But Vinnola said the woman won’t release the funds until the business plan is complete. The organization is on the verge of finishing it.

This idea has been in his heart for more than two years, Vinnola said.

“I don’t want to say God chose me like he did Noah because this is not about me at all,” Vinnola said. “But God does keep giving me these ideas and I wonder – why me.”



  1. “Honor Hands, a Christian organization, is working on a project of biblical proportions.”

    Such a tiny book to build a boat that is infinitesimally small compared to how big it would need to be to hold either two or seven of each animal and insect on the planet… not to mention the food they would need. Say nothing of the plants that would have been destroyed under the water.

    PS: Amanda Miller, get someone to proofread your work. Thanks!

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