Cake Crumbs, Colorado Springs, downtown, retail

The popular Cake Crumbs cupcake shop at 3 E. Bijou Street will close before Christmas.

The shop opened in the former OPB&J location in February, aiming to build on the success of its Colorado Springs Cupcake Truck that was regularly swarmed by cupcake fans.

Owner Denon Moore said she is closing the retail location because of issues with the OPB&J owner who sublet the building to Cake Crumbs. She said she couldn’t share the specifics of the issues because she is following a legal process to resolve them.

“Ultimately, we were hoping to hear from the real landlord of the building to maybe negotiate something,” Moore said. “We haven’t heard from him yet. The whole situation has been pretty unpleasant.”

Cake Crumbs moved onto the block of Bijou Street between Tejon Street and Cascade Avenue at a time when more than 40 percent of the block was vacant. Moore said then that she hoped Cake Crumbs and its large following would lure people down the block and help to revitalize it.

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Since then, some of the storefronts have filled up with new retail, but many remain vacant.

Moore said she will continue to operate the cupcake truck in Colorado Springs, but she’s not certain if she will look for another retail location after the lease issues at 3 East Bijou are resolved. For, now, resources are still tied up in the current location and Moore said she can’t divert them to look for another space.

She said the staff planned to be closed the week of Christmas anyway.

“We just won’t be coming back after,” Moore said.

The business has a big following on Facebook and Moore said she plans to let regular customers know through a Facebook announcement that the retail location will be no more after the holidays, but that the truck will still be up and running.