Amy Fortier left Flagstaff, Ariz. and came to Colorado Springs in search of a better job market. She found success with a career in marketing, but before she discovered her niche, she picked up a lot of other skills along the way.

She was recently promoted to the position of marketing and finance director for Rimrock Group, a Springs-based IT engineering firm. Her new position allows her to use her tried-and-true assets while exploring some new ones.

Fortier, who also recently launched a small film production company, took some time to talk to the Business Journal this week.

How long have you lived in Colorado Springs, and what brought you here?

After living in Flagstaff, Ariz., for four years after college, I moved to Colorado Springs in 2001 seeking a stronger job market and a larger city. I grew up in Helena, Montana, so staying in the Rocky Mountains was important to me, but I really liked the Flagstaff climate — very similar to what we have here in Colorado Springs.

Tell us about your job. What do you do, and how has your career path unfolded?

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I am currently the marketing and finance director for Rimrock Group, a company specializing in the engineering and design of IT, telecom, security, audiovisual, and healthcare technology systems and infrastructure for higher education, medical, corporate and government facilities. I manage the marketing and business development efforts of the firm. I oversee the financial aspects of the firm, including accounting, cash flow, and budgeting. I manage our outsourced human resources and payroll as well as the day-to-day office functions.

I’ve had jobs working for doctors, lawyers, publishers and orthodontist, but it wasn’t until I started as a marketing manager for an architecture company almost 10 years ago that I felt I had found a career. It was just over two years ago that I took the marketing and project administrator position at Rimrock Group, and this fall they asked me to be the finance manager as well. It is a lot to keep track of, but I love the challenges. With my English and Business degree, it is a good fit for me. I get to use my creative side with the marketing, my social side with the business development, and my analytical and logical side with the finance.

It looks like Rimrock Group has worked on projects across the country. What are some of its biggest local projects?

We just finished the design of the Bal Seal Manufacturing Facility that is starting construction — right across the street from our office on Interquest Parkway. It was remarkable to be involved in helping them expand their operations and bring jobs to the area.

We also do quite a bit of work at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. We were part of the on the recently completed Science and Engineering Building and ongoing work on the Lane Center for Health Sciences and the new Summit Village Residence Halls.

We’ve worked on several Denver health care projects, including the Children’s Hospital Colorado, the new Denver VA Medical Center, St. Anthony’s Hospital, and Exempla St. Joseph’s Hospital. In addition to our IT and telecom design services, we have specialized experience in healthcare technologies like nurse call, code blue, bedside systems controls, telemedicine, and patient and staff location systems.

What do you like most about Colorado Springs? What would you most like to change?

I like how many things there are to do every weekend, whether just by myself or with my 8-year-old daughter. With tools like and other local publications, it’s easy to find out what is going on in town.

I live on the Westside. I like how it is nestled up against the Front Range and feels like a small town, but I’ve still got access to city amenities like medical care, great restaurants, museums, movies, microbreweries (I love IPA!), and three distinct downtown areas in Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, and downtown Colorado Springs.

I’m eager to see how downtown Colorado Springs progresses in the next few years. There are so many fabulous ideas being tossed around — science center, sports arena, convention center — I’d like to see something take hold soon to continue to improve and develop the downtown corridor.

I really would like better public transportation. When I was working downtown, I would occasionally take the bus, and what took ten minutes in the car took 45 minutes on the bus because of the transfers and schedule. Where I work now at Interquest and I-25, there is no viable option for public transportation. I’m envious of Denver’s light rail system. I realize the huge investment it would be, but it would be nice to see more support for something similar here. Not to mention high-speed rail between Colorado Springs and Denver.

When you’re not working, one is likely to find you…

Writing. Writing screenplays. Writing sci-fi novels. Writing stage plays. I have notebooks lying around everywhere in my house with ideas, plot summaries, characterizations. I like creating stories, but I’ve struggled with what to do with the completed works.

I recently started a film production company, Stone Key Productions, and am starting to branch out into filmmaking. I produced my first short film this summer. It’s called Changing Tempo. That project has helped me find people eager to help with the films and create a solid team of volunteers for future projects.

Of course, my 8-year-old daughter keeps me on my toes. We’re starting guitar lessons together, and we spend lots of time doing art projects, watching movies, singing and dancing, and laughing. Lots of laughing.