A Dallas-based provider of health care screenings for businesses in more than 20 states has indentified Colorado Springs as one of its first markets for expansion.

Star Wellness is seeking to franchise the business as part of a larger plan designed to expand the company’s presence nationwide.

One franchise is needed in the Springs to serve the business community, and CEO Johnette van Eeden said the company is actively recruiting prospects.

“As more and more companies and organizations turn to wellness programs as a way to keep health care costs under control, the demand for our services is dramatically increasing,” said van Eeden. “For that reason, now is the time for us to open offices in the Colorado Springs area.”

A former computer program, van Eeden started Star Wellness after realizing the amount of time and money spent on fitness and wellness programs – but that no one was monitoring how well the programs were working.

Initially, Star offered cholesterol testing and other medical screenings at fitness centers, health food stores, as well as for businesses, municipalities and organizations.

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Then, because of demand, van Eeden decided to focus solely on businesses – and she now serves more than 230 clients in 20 states.

Star Wellness franchises can be operated from home in the first two years, and are awarded based on market population and the number of businesses, organizations and school systems in the region. In the third year, franchisees are encouraged to open an outside office to handle referrals and walk-up businesses.”

“The beauty of it is that someone can get into our business for much less expense than most franchises and they do not need medical or health care experience,” said van Eeden. “And more importantly, they are providing a service that is helping people and in some cases, actually saving lives.”

More information about Star Wellness is available at www.starwellenessusa.com.