Local business Boecore Inc was awarded a top supplier award from Northrop Grumman’s $10 billion information systems sector. It’s the fourth time Boecore has won the award.

Boecore was recognized this week for its technical capabilities, employees and quality. The award is used to recognize the top 25 suppliers from more than 6,000 companies who work within the defense giant’s information systems sector.

Owned by Kathy Boe, Boecore performs systems and network engineering, information security, advanced software engineering, warfighter support, missile defense operations and information technology for several Northrop programs. Boecore was nominated by the leadership at the Joint National Integration Research and Development contract at Schriever Air Force Base.

Boecore has more than 170 employees developing and managing space systems, enterprise networks and missile defense systems. It was created in 2000 and supports the Missile Defense Agency, Air Force and the Army.