Title Boxing Club to open in Springs

Ted Byer will open the first Title Boxing Club franchise in Colorado Springs on Nov. 4 at 4663 Centennial Blvd.

Boxing has historically been a rough inner-city kind of sport. But the workout is increasingly gaining popularity and the trendy Title Boxing Club plans to open franchises around the country.

“The mainstream really misses out on this workout,” Byer said. “This is an opportunity to bring it to the suburbs.”

Byer moved to Colorado Springs more than 20 years ago with the military and has since concentrated on his education. He recently graduated from Harvard University’s Owner and President Management program. Tyra Banks, of America’s Next Top Model, graduated with him.

He started working with a consultant to find the right business investment and considered everything from a locksmith company to trash removal. But Title Boxing Club won him over.

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While boxing is one of Byer’s favorite sports to watch on television, he wasn’t a big boxer himself until he started checking out the clubs as a business proposition.

“The workout is irrefutably effective,” he said.

Aside from cross-country skiing uphill, Byer said boxing burns the most calories and aside from swimming, it uses the most muscles at once. He is advertising that a one-hour class can burn 1,000 calories.

The fitness facts, combined with the growth potential associated with the Title Boxing name, made the business a good investment.

“This is so nice,” he said. “It’s like Apple Store meets boxing ring.”

The sport appeals to both men and women, he said.

Byer said he expects the trend to grow and catch on in Colorado Springs. He intends to open six locations in El Paso County.