Two Colorado Springs companies were honored by Pinnacol Assurance for their safety records.

Mech One Inc., a five-year award winner, and Copestone General Contractors were two of 50 awards given earlier this month. It’s the first time Copestone received the award.

“These are Colorado organizations that have embraced the concept of safe workplaces, and then made significant effort to create that kind of environment over a sustained period of time,” said Ken Ross, Pinnacol president and CEO. “Keeping employees safe and on the job is important to Pinnacol and to the state and our Circle of Safety recipients are leading the way.”

The award recognizes risk management and the efforts of top management, as well as frontline employees. To be chosen, businesses must be a Pinnacol policyholder for at least four years; have a combined four-year loss ratio of less than 25 percent, with 80 percent of all claims reported within 48 hours. They must have no non-compliant audits and must have no workplace fatalities.

Pinnacol Assurance is the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company, and is a quasi-governmental agency that receives oversight from the state legislature.