Pizzeria Rustica became the first independent restaurant in Colorado to be certified by the Green Restaurant Association, and was the third three-star certified restaurant in the nation.

That was back in 2009. Now, the restaurant received a four-star rating in its recertification process, which occurs every three years. Pizzeria Rustica is now one of 10 restaurants in the United States with the four-star rating.

So how did it get there? Owner Dave Brackett outlines the process on his website:

Restaurants are awarded points for their energy consumption, as well as for their choices in buying organic, regional and local food. They also receive points for water conservation.

According to Brackett, Pizzeria Rustica moved into the next tier by installing energy efficient water heaters, dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators. It received points for ordering food from nearby farms, and for offering water only when it was asked for. Sinks and toilets are also water conservation tools at the restaurant.

Overall, Pizzeria Rustica was awarded more than 302 points for its sustainability efforts.

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  1. It is rare to find a restaurant that is both enjoyable and ethical. Dave has been doing it for years. And many other restaurants in the area are moving forward as well. Thankfully.

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