A California company that specializes in healthy snacks vending machines is bringing on the java.

Fresh Healthy Vending is selling gourmet coffee vending machines, which includes organic coffee. It’s a part of the company’s line of healthy snack vending machines, which will soon be in locations around Colorado Springs.

“The Fresh Healthy Vending Café machines are perfect for those who want the quality of coffee from a gourmet coffee shop combined with the ease and convenience of making their own coffee or purchasing it from a vending machine,” said Dan Negroni, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending. “It’s a coffee shop experience in a box.”

The machine grinds whole beans, extracts espresso, froths milk and disposes of used grinds in fewer than 40 seconds, Negroni said. Consumers can order gourmet coffee specialty drinks like French vanilla lattes, espresso and cappuccinos.

Vending machines are a $40 billion industry. Organic coffee is among the fastest growing sectors of the coffee industry and health food is a $30 billion industry, a spokeswoman for  Fresh Healthy Vending said.

Healthy vending machines are a new growth market, she said. The newest gourmet coffee vending machine is part of the company’s 1,700 healthy snack vending machines in the North America.

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Colorado Springs couple Kevin and Donna Brundage purchased the machines.  They said they were frustrated by the lack of healthy options and bought a Fresh Healthy Vending franchise. They plan to install 30 of the vending machines, which include the sales of healthy, natural snacks and beverages such as smoothies, soymilk, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, granola bars, baked chips and natural sodas.

“When I first saw the food choices offered at the local high school, I was shocked that the vending machines were full of junk food,” Kevin Brundage said. “I knew this needed to change, and I’m excited to offer the schools in the area the opportunity to offer a Fresh Healthy Vending machine, giving students healthier options while at school.”