Suzi Bach, Ramsgate Management Services

“The Mayor’s wife” still has an odd ring in Suzi Bach’s ear, but it’s starting to grow on her, as the “job” of being the First Lady of Colorado Springs becomes increasingly fascinating.

“It’s kind of funny when we’re out and about and somebody says to Steve, ‘Hi, Mayor!’”

Bach is an L.A. native who moved with her parents to the Springs as a teen in 1971.

When she and Steve met, he was in the homebuilding business, and she joined him. Later, she established her own small-business financial services shop, Ramsgate, which she continues to operate.

But her new public role forced her to stop taking new clients.

Her special focus has been to understand and support the various institutions — police, social services, nonprofits — that provide outreach to Colorado Springs’ homeless population.

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“It’s been an education,” she said, “but it’s good to know so many people are involved in addressing the issue.”

She’s an enthusiastic supporter of Mayor Bach’s Spirit of the Springs initiative. Spirit of the Springs recognizes individuals and organizations that make positive and powerful contributions to life in the Springs.

“I just love going out and giving the Spirit awards, hearing about the amazing people we have right here in Colorado Springs.”

Would she be willing to be “Wife of the Mayor” for a second four-year term?

“Steve loves the job, and I enjoy my role,” she said. “I think we’d both be up for another four years.”