Lisa Lyden, Media personality

When Lisa Lyden announced she was stepping down as news co-anchor at KOAA-TV after 29 years, the newscaster’s news sent shock waves through the community.

Business Journal Executive Editor Ralph Routon wrote about the news.

“Usually we hear news stories, think briefly about how they’ll affect us or not, then move on with our everyday lives,” he said. “Occasionally, though, a headline or announcement stops us cold. So it was last Friday evening, when word came that Lisa Lyden would be leaving as Channel 5 news anchor in late July.”

The Florida native who became a weekend anchor at age 21 ruled the Colorado Springs airwaves with longtime co-anchor Rob Quirk until July.

Their newscast remained the highest-rated in the region right up until she left the air.

Through the years, Lyden covered crazes from the Cabbage Patch dolls to the explosion of rap music, from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to the Columbine High School shootings. Her ever-changing attire and hairstyles were frequently reviewed by Quirk and other news team members, always with endearing humor. Occasionally, she indulged her love of singing on air.

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KOAA President and General Manager Evan Pappas called her “one of the longest running and best known broadcasters in the state.”

Others noted her passion for charitable causes, which she intends to devote more time to now.