An antique gun expert will be in Colorado Springs this month to film a show that could end up on a major cable network this fall.

Sean Rich, owner of the California-based Tortuga Trading, will be at Sportsman’s Warehouse, 555 N. Chelton Road, Sept. 12-15, to film a new series where he travels the country appraising and testing antique weapons and war memorabilia.

Rich specializes in antique arms and armor and has been called as an expert appraiser to the History channel show Pawn Stars. In his new show, which is untitled, he has teamed up with a group of weapons and militaria experts.

War buffs, collectors, enthusiasts and anyone interested in antique arms, armor and militaria are encouraged to dig up their most unique antique items and bring them to the Sportsman Warehouse to be appraised. Rich is looking for weapons that might seem strange or extraordinary — from 17th century canons to Civil War medic kits and fully functioning army tanks.

Rich started his cross-country tour for the show in Carlsbad, Calif., on Aug. 15 at a store called Guy Stuff, an antique shop in the heart of the city. A spokesman for the project said the show’s producers were not at liberty to name the network at this time.


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