Four out of five likely voters in critical background states want leaders to find an alternative to sequestration budget cuts before the November election.

That’s the word from a Harris Interactive poll performed for the Aerospace Industries Association.

“We’ve always known sequestration is bad policy,” said AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey. “This survey shows that opposition to these reckless cuts runs from north to south, from old to young and from left to right – 80 percent opposition means the call to put an end to sequestration is bipartisan without a doubt. And swing voters now stand alongside a swelling chorus of Americans, from military planners to small business owners to Congress’ own budget analysts, all saying the same thing: we need action on sequestration, and we need it now.”

AIA commissioned the poll as part of the Second to None campaign, an advocacy initiative to bring awareness of the risks to the economy, national security and technological competitiveness cuts to aerospace and defense budgets.

“This survey reveals that the American voting public is waking up to the danger of sequestration to our economic and national security,” said R. Thomas Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists and aerospace Workers International. “Now is the time for politicians to put aside the Beltway politics that have failed America and come up with a balanced solution that protects our ability to respond to a national security threat.”


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