Black Hills Energy is asking the Colorado Public Utilities Commission for permission to cut its solar-panel incentive program by about 75 percent.

The utility serves Pueblo and 52 towns and cities in southern Colorado.

The Rapid City, S.D.-based utility made the request in a renewable-energy plan filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Black Hills Energy spokesman Christopher Burke says low natural-gas prices make adding renewable energy sources uneconomical. The move comes after Xcel Energy cut its Solar Rewards program.

As investor-owned utilities, Xcel and Black Hills are required under Colorado law to generate 30 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Both companies say they can still meet that goal.


  1. They say that renewable energy is uneconmical?/ What they really mean is that they cant make money off it so they dont want it, you see the sun light is free. So take away anything that does not make money for them and so it becomes uneconomical..what a joke.

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