Candice Jenkins pled guilty to the crime of engaging in a charitable fraud scheme, according to news from John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General.

The crime is a class five felony, and involved the Gathering Place, a shelter in Denver that provides services to women and their children experiencing issues with homelessness and poverty. Jenkins also pled guilty to a theft of $500 or more, a class two misdemeanor. She will be sentenced Sept. 28.

In June, Suthers announced a 10-count indictment against Jenkins for alleged violations of the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, theft and criminal impersonation. She was accused of producing and distributing fictitious business cards and promotional flyers with The Gathering Place name and logo. She falsely represented that she was on the board of directors of the nonprofit, and that she was the fundraising co-chairwoman.

In addition, Jenkins told donors she worked with the Tim Tebow Foundation, the Daniels Foundation and Pat and Annabel Bowlen to raise money for The Gathering Place. She sold dozens of copies of a DVD she produced, and claimed the proceeds would benefit the nonprofit.

The Gathering Place was not aware of Jenkins’ activities, did not authorize her to use their name and did not receive any donations.

Sentencing is open to the discretion of the court and could range from probation to six years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

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