Holly Trinidad, 28, grew up immersed in the Colorado Springs commercial real estate culture. She learned the trade from her father and grandfather. After attending the University of Southern California and a brief career reading screenplays and hanging on the beach, Trinidad made her way home. She feels at home both in Colorado Springs and as co-owner of Hoff & Leigh Commercial Real Estate Group and The Paramount Group, a commercial property management partnership with the O’Neil Group.

What were you doing before you moved home to Colorado Springs?

I attended the University of Southern California and then took a job with a start-up production company owned by Paul Walker (the star from the Fast and the Furious franchise). I got to read scripts and hang out at the beach.

Coming back to the place where you grew up after being away, what is different, and what are you re-learning about the community?

There has been a lot of positive growth in Colorado Springs. For example, Powers Boulevard didn’t exist when I left for college. It seems like our city has become even more of an active, outdoor lifestyle community. With that being said, we need to continue to engage young professionals to get more involved. Our input is critical to recruiting thriving companies to Colorado Springs, which will result in positive growth. I am re-learning that I live in one of the most beautiful, family-friendly places in the country.

Has real estate always interested you?

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Yes. I consider myself a third-generation real estate entrepreneur. I was continually taught by my grandfather how to make a great real estate deal, and of course, went to the Tim Leigh Real Estate School which was conducted daily during the car ride to get my “real” education. We have a great business model — helping local landlords and tenants or sellers and buyers mutually benefit through real estate solutions. Hoff & Leigh has been in business for 25 years. I am honored to be part of the company.

What vision do you have for Hoff & Leigh and your own future in commercial real estate?

My vision is to grow Hoff & Leigh to another level. Someday, I hope for Hoff & Leigh will be the largest brokerage network in secondary and tertiary cities. My personal commercial real estate brokerage goal is to continue to help provide my clients with the best real estate solutions in the market and positively impacting their lives. It’s amazing how one vacancy can drastically affect an owner’s financial position. I’d also really like to own commercial property in downtown Colorado Springs. Vibrant cities have downtown work environments full of energy. Through commercial building ownership, I believe I can positively impact that vision.

Tell us about the Paramount Group

The Paramount Group is an exciting, relativity new, full-service commercial property management venture. Since our merger with the O’Neil Group in January, we have brought on several new employees including a business development VP. We have also successfully brought on a handful of new accounts including several large multifamily projects. Lastly, we have brought our maintenance division in-house, which helps us save our clients lots of money on everything from simple repairs to daily property upkeep. We are positioned for fast growth. Our team is highly competent and great at what they do. Our goal through management is to maximize an asset’s value and provide superior communication to our clients. We manage all types of commercial properties — no matter how big or small.

What do you do outside of work to maintain balance in your life?

I swim for Pikes Peak Athletics at lunch at the Olympic Training Center. Our Masters team is a lot of fun because there is a huge range of talent levels – we have former Olympians that train with us down to beginners. I will be participating in Masters Nationals next summer! But most of all, I love spending time with family, oh – and watching reality TV!


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