Bach sets goal of 6,000 new jobs next year


In an State of the City address that was part pep rally and part campaign speech, Mayor Steve Bach set one concrete goal for his administration: to create 6,000 new civilian jobs next year.

“That’s how many we need to achieve full employment,” he said. “We’ve created 627 in 2012, so we have set a goal for ourselves. And we invite the Chamber-EDC to join us in finding businesses to create those jobs.”

The luncheon included the presentation of  three Chamber of Commerce awards and a video recapping Bach’s first year in office – in which he shook hands, cleaned up parks and presented awards. It also highlighted several of his Spirit of the Springs events, intended to build community pride.

Bach said jobs will be his main focus on during his second year in office, but that he would also continue transforming government and uniting the community

The city plans to continue the Spirit of the Springs initiative, recognizing the “amazing” people in the city and to continue the events highlighting downtown Colorado Springs.

Mostly, the event served to highlight the city government and its executive team. Laura Neumann, chief of staff, was featured in the video, as were  Police Chief Pete Carey and Fire Chief Rich Brown.