Amazon recruiters are on the hunt for software developers and plan to be in Colorado in August to meet potential candidates.

“We actually want to recruit top talent to bring to Seattle,” said Dakotta Alex, Amazon global operations.

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site, is making a push for same-day delivery options that could change the world of retail. The company also is working on streaming video and Amazon lockers, which include self-service pickup stations, Alex said.

New programs means more jobs. Alex said the company, based in Seattle, has thousands of job openings. Most of the jobs are software development or related.

“It’s amazing how difficult is to find people,” Alex said. “It comes down to how good they are at coding skills – there are only so many finite people when you evaluate them.”

Alex is directing job seekers to fill out a company job form.

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Then they should email the form and resume to

His team will screen then call qualified candidates to meet in Colorado. Alex declined to say where the meetings would take place or give a salary range for the jobs, saying that each candidate’s salary offer is based on experience.

“We will make offers on the spot,” he said.

Amazon began this state-by-state recruiting effort last year, rather than waiting for people to apply through their website.

“The issue we are having, we are competing with large companies and smaller startups,” Alex said.

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