Woodland Park businesses are trying to get the word out that the town is open for business.

Highway 24 reopened Saturday afternoon and traffic seems to be returning to normal levels, said Debbie Miller, president of the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce.

“The closing of Highway 24 certainly affected our tourism business,” she said.

The main road from  Colorado Springs and into the mountains was closed almost a week, which had a crippling impact on business during those days.

“One week was tough for our businesses,” Miller said. “It was definitely tough. But one week isn’t going to make or break us.”

She said the city is open again and people are coming back.

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“We’re just trying to get the word out that we’re open,” she said.

The city will have its work cut out for it trying to battle national headlines that made it sound like the whole state was reduced to ashes, she said.

“The perception people have is that they’ll just burned trees and smoke if they come to Colorado,” Miller said. “But that’s not the case.”

There was no fire damage in Woodland Park, she said.

“We already had in place an advertising campaign, advertising stay-cations to people from Denver south to Trinidad,” Miller said. “We’re going to continue with that.”

She said some area businesses are doing their own promotions and reaching out to customers and clients through email campaigns.

“All of our events are still going on,” Miller said. “We’re here.”