Tuaca's famous lion changes from silver to blue when the temperature is just right.

Colorado Springs-based Chromatic Technologies Inc., which specializes in color-changing ink, has put a color-changing lion on the high-quality liqueur from Tuaca.

The bottle’s lion, a brand image for Tuaca, was redesigned as a thermochromic feature for the label on the limited-edition bottle.

The bottle, called the “perfect chill,” was created by tattoo artist Corey Miller, of television’s “LA Ink.”

The lion shifts from a silver color at room temperature to a vivid blue when chilled to 8° C., when its makers say is the peak serving temperature.

CTI sells its special-effects ink for products in 50 countries. Last year, CTI signed deals with Anheuser-Busch and Hansen Natural to use the color changing technology on Busch Light and Monster energy drink cans. In 2011, the company’s founder and CEO Lyle Small projected revenue to be between $11 million and $14 million.

CTI’s thermochromic process uses cold-activated ink technology to convey messaging when a product changes temperature. CTI’s thermochromic inks are applied as security and anti-counterfeiting, food and beverage packaging and many other types of consumer packaging including Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola Canada, Coors, Hallmark, Monster Energy, Mountain Dew and Pizza Hut.

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CTI recently was named a 2012 Colorado Company to Watch.