A panel of 10 national experts in downtown redevelopment and revitalization will present its recommendations for helping Colorado Springs achieve a downtown renaissance Friday morning.

The Urban Land Institute sent a group of experts to the city at the request of the Downtown Development Authority, which footed most of the $125,000 bill for the study.

The panelists, led by chair and former Indianapolis mayor Bill Hudnut, arrived Sunday. They toured the city Monday, amidst the chaos created by the outbreak of the Waldo Canyon fire, and interviewed more than 120 residents about their visions for downtown redevelopment.

City leaders said they hope the panel will be able to light a path to downtown redevelopment and help them identify ways to implement some of the good ideas they’ve come up with in the past.

The panel presents its recommendations at 8:30 a.m. Friday at the SaGaJi Theater in the Fine Arts Center at 30 W. Dale St.