Holden Perry grew up in Texas but worked a few seasonal jobs in Colorado during college, and his time here convinced him that he would someday make the Rocky Mountain region his home.

He began working in residential real estate about five years ago while still living in Houston.

But last year Perry, 30, and his wife moved to Colorado Springs, and he eventually made another move, into commercial real estate with Grubb & Ellis.

Since you’re from Houston, Texas, tell us how you ended up in Colorado Springs?

I had two experiences earlier in life in Colorado that left lasting impressions on me. During a summer break in high school, I worked at a friend’s ranch in Steamboat Springs as a ranch hand and fell in love with the outdoors and summer climate. Again, during a winter break from college at The University of Texas at Austin, I had a short stint as the ski-school mascot “Ripperoo” in Breckinridge. Having experienced both seasons, I knew Colorado was for me. After getting engaged to my wife, who was previously a ski-school instructor in Beaver Creek, we both decided that we wanted a change of climate from the extreme Houston heat. We booked a trip and toured the front-range and quickly knew that Colorado Springs was our new home.

What interests you in commercial real estate?

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Commercial real estate is about establishing long-term relationships. Having worked mainly in residential real estate in Houston for the past five years, I realized how most relationships and deals are a one and done thing. With the emotional aspect of purchasing a home, sometimes ugly wall-paper or broken cabinets can kill a deal. Commercial real estate is more of a numbers game. If the numbers make sense and the landscape is appealing, the deal works…it’s just that simple.

Where do you hope to go with your real estate career in Colorado Springs?

I have begun to establish myself in this market and I can see the snowball effect beginning to happen. I knew it would be tough road early on, but I have a positive attitude and a great support system. The connections I’ve made through my co-workers are invaluable.

What do you do with your spare time?

My dad has a funny saying that I like to remember, “Money is not a problem, it’s lack of it.” Working a straight commission job can be a scary situation sometimes; so when I’m not working or educating myself in the real estate market I’m at my secondary job as a server at the Craftwood Inn. I enjoy my second job just as much as my first because I like serving others. Whether I’m trying to save you time and money by finding you commercial space or making sure that you have a great dining experience; I feel like the more you give, the more you get. When I’m not working, I like to golf, fly fish and spend time with my wife and our two dogs.

What opportunities or challenges do you believe young professionals have in Colorado Springs that they didn’t have in other places where you have lived?

Having the opportunity to live in a city as beautiful as Colorado Springs and with as much to offer in terms of outdoor activity is a true gift. In Houston’s real estate market, the level of competition is fierce. As a young professional in this city’s demographic, if you can establish yourself early, the sky is the limit.