Colorado Springs City Council will meet Wednesday to discuss Memorial Health System lease and to lay the parameters of a new foundation to be created from the proceeds of the lease with the University of Colorado Health.

The council meeting is set for 10 a.m. at council chambers, but Memorial materials will be available on the city’s website at noon today, according to a press release from the city.

The Council will meet in closed session to finalize legal details and then will vote on five resolutions: one to approve the lease, one to segregate and manage funds from the lease, another to create the foundation and one to appoint three initial members of the New Memorial health System Board of Directors. A final resolution will cover the ballot title and  language for the Aug. 28 ballot.

Unlike earlier announcements, the City Council will also discuss other items at the special meeting. The Waldo Canyon fire led Council to cancel its two regular meetings this week.

The Council will also need to approve an intergovernmental agreement between Colorado Springs and El Paso County to mitigate wildland fire on city parks property outside the city limits, and approve the purchase of five acres of real property known as the Iron Mountain property within Manitou Springs.


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