CREEP! director Pete Schuermann with his Creep monster and Christina Broadsly, public relations.

Colorado Springs filmmakers will start a 35-day production schedule June 25 on the dark comedy, docu-drama, CREEP!

The filmmakers recently raised $70,000, about $5,000 more than their original goal,  on the crowd funding site The site collects pledges to develop projects in exchange for rewards, like posters, T-shirts and movie set props.

In March, Creep producers set out to raise $65,000 in 60 days to finish making the film in time to promote it to this season’s film festival circuit. Creep tells the story of a 1960s psychopathic movie director who scammed investors into making a B movie called The Creeping Terror.

Nancy Theken is the executive producer and Pete Schuermann directs.

Theken raised about 25 percent of Creep’s total $172,000 budget from seed investors and used $5,000 to have a latex monster made, which is simply operated by two guys standing under it — just like in the original film. The crew shot the promo for the film and Creep already is anticipated by some of the biggest film festival scouts, the filmmakers have said.

“The old saying in showbiz that ‘movies aren’t made, they are forced into existence’ has definitely proven to be true,” Theken said. “The beautiful thing about Creep is that there are so many fans around the globe, from Los Angeles to London, excited about this film.”

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This feature film will shoot 95-percent on location in Colorado Springs, with a cast, crew, props and post-production almost entirely from Colorado.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have some high caliber actors and a talented crew,” Schuermann said. “The making of this movie wouldn’t be possible without them and the amazing support from our community.”





  • Congrats Pete! It was a long time coming.

  • John Whitten

    When I first read: ‘dark comedy, docudrama’, I thought the film was going to be about Mayor Lionel, Ray Marshall, and the USOC building deal……………