The finance industry is where the job action is – three-quarters of organizations in the sector say they were hiring last year.

Half of those companies reported having troubling filling jobs, according to a Society for Human Resource Management poll.

The industry-specific SHRM poll findings show that 74 percent of organizations in the finance industry were hiring in 2011, primarily non-management hourly workers, non-management salaried employees and other managers. In 2010, 68 percent of companies reported hiring for finance jobs.

Of the companies seeking new hires, 49 percent reported having problems recruiting employees. The most difficult positions to fill were high-skilled technical workers, managers and executives, sales representatives, accounting and finance professionals  and HR professionals.

The skills employers find lacking in job candidates are writing in English and mathematics. Written communications, critical thinking/problem solving and professionalism/work ethic are also cited as skills gaps in the finance industry.


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  1. Once again, half of the story is left out.

    “We’re having trouble finding employees” … AT THE LAUGHABLE SALARIES WE’RE OFFERING.

    And when one of these highly trained professionals refuses their pathetic offer, the employers claim it’s because they have poor work ethic and/or aren’t professional enough. Get real.

  2. I would agree with the earlier post. The salary ranges they are offering aren’t even worth the time to apply.
    They often ask for the moon at 1-2 years exp. salary. If they have trouble hiring they should get realistic about the wages.

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