Three Colorado Springs companies have been named to the state’s “50 Companies to Watch” list.

Chromatic Technologies Inc., Janska clothing and Versi-Panel Enclosures/Companion Habitats are among 50 companies statewide that generated $964 million in revenue and added 902 employees from 2008 through 2011,  a 103 percent increase in revenue and 102 percent increase in jobs for the four-year period. The company’s success translates into a 30 percent annual revenue growth and 27 percent annual growth in employees.

The companies were named to the list by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and will be honored June 22 at an awards ceremony in Denver.

The 50 firms across the state project continued growth in 2012, with a 47 percent revenue increase and 34 percent growth in employees (both in Colorado and out of state) compared to 2011. If their projections hold, these companies will have generated $1.5 billion in revenue and added 1,509 employees during the last five years – a 199 percent increase in revenue and 171 percent increase in jobs since 2008.

Chromatic Technologies Inc.: Founded by Lyle Small, the company makes color-changing ink. One of his most visible clients is Coors Brewing Company. Their Coors Light cans feature the mountains that turn blue when the beer is cold.

Lyle Small demonstrates his color-changing technology.

Small’s company, Chromatic Technologies, sells its special-effects ink for products in 50 countries. His company went from five guys losing money on a monthly basis in the early 1990s to 38 employees and profit margins of a company three times its size.

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Janska: Founded by Jan Erickson and Jon Thomas, the company makes women’s jackets and accessories. Janska clothing is on track to hit $2.3 million in revenue this year.

Jan Erickson shows her clothing line.

That’s nearly double last year’s sales. And one financial adviser, giving guidance to the company, believes Janska can quadruple revenue and have most of its manufacturing done in the Springs within the next five years.

Versi-Panel Enclosures: Founded by Kevin Kvols, the company makes reusable, collapsible crates and disaster-relief shelters. The company has 34 employees and makes plywood shipping containers, made in a variety of sizes, which uses snap-in brackets instead of nails.

Kevin Kvols stands in one of his emergency shelters.

Engineers spray the crates with polyurea, a coating used on truck bed liners and tunnels, to keep out moisture. The V-Crates can be reused as many as 30 to 50 times instead of single use crates that are more typical, he said.

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