The Governor’s Office of Information Technology wants to make collaboration easier.

OIT set up a data-sharing website, the Colorado Information Marketplace at, where the idea is to enhance productivity and collaboration between state agencies, local government, the private sector and the public, organizers of the site said.

On the website, users can locate information – a common directory for all state and local government agencies, locations of health care service providers and access to a comparison of Colorado’s schools.

“The Colorado Information Marketplace is an innovative way to connect businesses, academics, families and visitors with the information they need, when and how they need it,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said in a prepared statement. “This program continues our efforts to ensure that government is working in a transparent, effective and efficient manner.”

The goal of the site is to provide information in a single, easily accessible location; increase government transparency of public information; reduce research efforts and time through using customizable data searches; provide entrepreneurs the opportunities to develop mobile and web applications.

The information sharing will make government more efficient and result in more streamlined and effective services, the site’s organizers said.  For example, by leveraging state data across certain agencies, Colorado will be able to create more effective education programs that increase workforce preparedness of graduating seniors.
“The Colorado Information Marketplace can save taxpayer dollars by giving policymakers another tool to evaluate and improve existing programs, reduce waste and increase government efficiency,” said Kristin Russell, Colorado’s secretary of technology and chief information officer.

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With each instance of public participation, the website becomes more robust, relevant and valuable, she said.

“We are excited that Colorado is joining a growing number of states and cities utilizing a data marketplace to provide better services and increase government transparency,” Russell said.