To readers of the Business Journal:

As of the date on this issue, Friday, June 1, the city’s weekly business newspaper returns to local ownership. It looks the same, which is intentional, and in fact even the company’s name remains intact: Colorado Publishing Co.

But the hope is that you’ll notice improvements in the weeks and months to come, as we strive to make CSBJ one of the best business newspapers anywhere. The editorial staff remains, along with a familiar face, John Hazlehurst, who returns to the role he had from April 2006 to January 2011 as writer and columnist.

We’ll be adding other voices and features, all with the sole idea of making the Business Journal more essential than ever to the entire local business community. We’ll also be talking and listening to you, finding out what you like about CSBJ, what you liked when it was more robust, and what we might consider adding to make the newspaper more indispensable than ever.

We welcome your input, and we look forward to a lasting relationship.

Fran Zankowski, CEO

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Ralph Routon, Executive Editor

Colorado Springs Business Journal


    I’m simultaneously comforted that things won’t change much and excited to see what additions will make the CSBJ even more indispensable than it already is. Good luck, best wishes, break a leg, Mazel Tav, Buena Suerte . . .

  • JD

    I am a little skeptical knowing who now has local ownership of the CSBJ. Keeping it fair and balanced was something I appreciated about the journal. I am not sure the INDY ownership is capable of of keeping what was already in my opinion a robust unbiased read. As far as Hazlehurst goes…better to keep him at the INDY. Way to opinionated for my taste anyway.

    Good luck INDY folks…you’ll need it.

  • Jeff

    We will see how long till the slanted left writing appears. The journalism of the Indy is far from credible