University Village on North Nevada is starting to take shape as a dining destination.

Bonefish Grill is scheduled to open June 24, followed by Il Vicino in early August and Hacienda Colorado in November, said developer Kevin Kratt.

Kratt said he’s also planning to break ground on two smaller spaces designed to eventually house casual-dining restaurants.

“We want this to be a dining destination,” Kratt said. “When you’re deciding where you’re going to go dinner tonight, we want you to think University Village first, and then decide which restaurant.”

Kratt’s strategy is to cluster restaurants together to give customers a choice at the new commercial development across from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

“We’re focused on getting as many different kinds of restaurant concepts in there as we can so they don’t take from each other,” Kratt said. “It’s more of a symbiotic relationship.”

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In addition to the restaurants, construction just finished on a Cost Cutters and just started on Petco, which is expected to open in mid-October, Kratt said.



  • TurboTarg

    I would like to know if this Petco is going to be a full-sized store or their smaller Unleashed by Petco locations. Also, MacSuperstore has appeared on olivereg’s site plan for University Village.