Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says President Barack Obama supports extending a tax break for wind energy that supporters say is vital to the state’s wind-turbine industry.


Udall, a Democrat, said Thursday that Obama’s support is welcome.


State officials say about 5,000 people work in the wind energy industry in Colorado, the fifth-highest total in the country.

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Danish wind turbine maker Vestas has four plants and 1,800 employees in Colorado.


The Senate rejected an extension of the tax break in March because sponsors hadn’t identified any spending cuts to offset the loss of revenue.


Udall and others introduced a revised version two days later that is focused more narrowly on wind, hydro, geothermal and biofuels energy.

  • Valerie

    What a waste of money extending a tax break for wind energy, we have been doing this since the Carter years or longer. Apparently, Udall, the Democrat moron does not understand that wind energy is not working. The turbines are not profitable. The turbines require rare earth elements and the EPA does not let us in America process these elements to support turbines.
    In other words, we are not allowed to mine for the rear earth elements that are not rare they are actually in the crust of the earth and found almost any place in the US. Hay, but China has been mining these elements and sells to America making a boatload of money. If you want to make “green energy work” please note we as American’s need to mine and process these rare elements, it takes 17 of the rare earth elements to make a green car example Chevy Volt that Obama’s talks about, and turbines and many other green energy stuff. Hello, any one get it! You would not need to extend any tax break if one were to combine green energey to mining the elements to produce these items.