A new yoga-focused magazine, Marma Points, published its first issue earlier this month with promises of future quarterly issues.

The magazine is supported by the Smokebrush Foundation. However, publisher Don Goede said he’s looking into ways to sustainably fund the publication, which might include underwriting for the nonprofit publication.

Goede said he had the idea to develop a magazine devoted to health and wellness in Colorado Springs several years ago. But the idea never got legs.

“I realized the yoga community was growing,” Goede said.

And that growth has made the publication more relevant, timely, important and sustainable now, Goede said.

He partnered with the Smokebrush Foundation and hired Jennifer Mulson as the managing editor to lead the effort.

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“Jen really made it a reality,” Goede said.

There are six full-time staff involved with the publication while much of the writing was contributed by freelancers, who were primarily paid in trade with goods from advertisers and benefits from the foundation. The first free issue of the magazine was partially supported with advertising.

Because the magazine is a publication for the nonprofit, there are financing options not available to traditional publications, Goede said.

In addition to the quarterly print magazine, staff will update a Marma Points website with new content daily.

“Our magazine is not really a yoga magazine,” Goede said, “but a magazine about the interconnections of mind, body and spirit.”