The Colorado Attorney General office requested documents today filed by seven law firms in four Colorado counties, including El Paso County, that have been representing banks in foreclosure proceedings.

“I have no idea what they’re looking for,” El Paso County Public Trustee Thomas Mowle said.

The firms included the Vaden; Dale & Decker; Castle, Stawiarski; Hopp; Aronowitz & Mecklenburg; Medved; and Janeway law firms.

The attorney general requested 10 cure statements and 10 bids from each year, from each firm for a five-year period, said.

Cure statements are filed when there is an intent to solve the loan default without foreclosure and a bid is filed when a bank intends to follow through with a sale.

“Not every cure statement results in a cure and not every bid results in a sale,” Mowle said.

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“They certainly are probably the largest seven firms over that entire period,” Mowle said.

But he added that many firms processing foreclosures have consolidated since 2008.

Trustees in at least four Colorado counties provided the same documents upon the attorney general’s request, according to the Denver Post.