Immigrant advocates in Colorado want public support for allowing illegal immigrants to seek licenses to drive.


The activists say they will seek a ballot measure to change a law that requires proof of legal residency to be issued a Colorado driver’s license. They say illegal immigrants are driving anyway, and that the public would be safer if those drivers could seek licenses and auto insurance.


Critics say granting driving privileges to illegal immigrants creates an incentive to violate immigration laws.

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New Mexico and Washington are the only states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain the same driver’s license as a U.S. citizen. Utah grants immigrants a driving permit that can’t be used for identification, unlike a driver’s license that helps people open bank accounts or board a commercial airliner.

  • Valerie

    Are these Immigrant advocates in Colorado stupid? What part of illegal do you people not get and then to give them the privilage get a licenses to drive what next to vote?

  • It’s sad they get food stamps,run up bills at hospitals we end paying for because we have insurance,they have a baby here so they can stay here legally and nolw you people want to give them a drivers licence so the can do what they want in a country that has laws that state YOU MUST BE BORN IN THE COUNTRY TO BE APART OF THE COMMUNITY its a joke.if I brake the law driveng with out a drivers licence i go to jail they brake the law they get attorney,a place to live, food stamps what’s next a new law that gives them a new car to drive paid for b tax payers?