Thanks to a state effort, the Pikes Peak Workforce Center added more than $2 million to the local economy and helped 837 people find job training.

The Colorado Enhanced Approved Training Program allows people in the state who are receing unemployment benefits to receive 50 percent more a week if they are attending a traning program leading to specific occupations.

The program was very successful, according to a press release from the workforce center. The El Paso County/ Teller County region enrolled more program than any other region in the state. The next closest region, Adams County, enrolled 449 in the program.

“We pursue every funding source that will benefit the citizens in our region,” said Charlie Wheelan, executive director of the workforce center. “We constantly seek new ways for the unemployed to enhance their skills so that they can be competitive in their job search. We were able to accomplish this outstanding feat by assigning dedicated staff to the program.”