Xpriori, a Colorado Springs-based firm that specializes in electronic discovery in civil litigation, has opened a Denver office.

Xpriori is a provider of eDiscovery products, those which help find documents related to specific civil cases for law firms and corporations.  The new Denver office will allow the firm to grow a national presence, said Tim Dix, company CEO.

The office will be led by John Hauber, Xpriori’s director of sales. Hauber joined the company in early 2012 and has more than 10 years of sales experience in the software and hardware markets.

Xpriori, a privately held company, also is a partner of OrcaTec and resells the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite. The suite includes predictive coding, concept search and clustering features.

“Content review in eDiscovery has become an enormous and costly exercise,”  Dix said. “It’s not uncommon for a case to require review of hundreds of thousands of documents, if not millions.”

Predictive coding has become a “must have” for eDiscovery because it saves companies time and money, said Arnaud Viviers, CEO and President of OrcaTec. OrcaTec, based in Atlanta, provides technology, products and services for visually, defensibly and automatically revealing information from large collections of electronic documents.