Sam Guadagnoli, who oversees a dynasty of downtown nightclubs, wants to expand one of his bars, Gasoline Alley at  28 N. Tejon St., into the vacant storefront next door.

Several neighboring residents and businesses have complained, saying downtown doesn’t need any more bars that bring noise and trash.

Others, however, say the expansion is a good use for an empty storefront in a struggling downtown.

A downtown board will take up the issue Wednesday, but what do you think? Should Sam be allowed to expand?

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Click here to read about Sam’s plans and who is opposed.

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  1. Can’t say I love it, but if done tastefully, which it sounds like he’ll attempt, it won’t be a bad thing. If people want to complain, put in a better offer and put a business in there that you’d prefer. No use in complaining about someone trying to keep spaces from being vacant.

  2. Well it really dosen’t matter what anyone thinks, since sam almost has a monopoly on downtown colorado springs. He has the money and influence to buy who he wants to buy and close whatever bar is giving him a run for his money. How about we rename colorado springs……….Sam Springs.

  3. The thinking that just because all the rest of this block is already filled with bars we should have another makes no sense. Neither does the justification that a restaurant license is not a good idea because they won’t serve enough food. Both statements make one come to the conclusion that drinking is the only real purpose here. We want to have a lively, vibrant downtown that attracts visitors and residents. And we have wonderful new businesses who have recently moved in. It doesn’t make sense to scare them away by adding to the already serious drinking problem we have in this area.

  4. Yes; he owns the building, so that means he can pretty much do with it what he wants (within reason). If he wants to expand by putting in a dinning room, I say fine. You don’t go into business to lose money, after all.

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