Minneapolis-based The Dolan Company announced today that it has signed an agreement to sell the Colorado Publishing Company – including the Colorado Springs Business Journal and The Transcript – to the Publishing Corp. of Colorado Springs, a sister company of The Colorado Springs Independent.

The sale takes effect May 31.

Colorado Springs Independent co-founder and Publisher John Weiss has signed an agreement to purchase the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

Publisher Kathleen Gobos told employees of the pending sale during a staff meeting today. She also introduced John Weiss, co-founder and publisher of The Independent, a free weekly alternative newspaper launched in 1993.

The Dolan Company, which publishes business and legal newspapers and operates electronic information services in more than 20 U.S. markets, had announced in March its intentions to sell the Colorado Publishing Company, one of its smallest operations.

Dolan acquired the Business Journal in July 1998 and added The Daily Transcript in March 2002.

“When we acquired the Colorado Springs Business Journal, we were a very different company,” said President James P. Dolan. “We have expanded into a number of new business lines in recent years. When John Weiss called to inquire whether the Business Journal could be acquired, at first we said no, but we thought about it and decided that CSBJ deserved a more attentive owner, possibly somebody local.”

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The sale includes the Colorado Publishing Company’s web sites, events and special publications. The company also publishes and distributes several publications for the U.S. military in the region, including the Fort Carson Mountaineer, the Peterson Air Force Base Space Observer and the Schriever Sentinel on Schriever Air Force Base.

Gobos said the company will ask base commanders for consent to transfer those publishing contracts to the new owner.



  1. GREAT NEWS! Hope to shine some light on the business affairs of our Village! Next up …. The GAZETTE!

  2. Awesome, another publication where Colorado Publishing Company can carry sex ads like in the Independent.

  3. Wow, a real business paper going to the hands of the CS Liberal Indy…..can get my business update and where to buy sex toys at the same time…..guess Dolan was desperate to sell/divest and only the INdy was willing to buy. I really enjoyed the CSBJ for the past 12 years…time to let my subscription expire….

  4. This is just a senseless and poorly thought-out business move. What a way to take a strong publication and downgrade it to something like the Independent. Disappointing and discouraging for the future of the CSBJ.

  5. I highly doubt that we’ll see marijuana or sex toy advertisements in the CSBJ. The “Indy” is a weekly entertainment newspaper that also offers a news alternative to the Gazette (which posts on-line classified ads for ‘adult services’ by the way). John Weiss knows the CSBJ audience has high expectations of this paper, and I am certain the staff of the CSBJ will maintain this same level of professionalism to meet those expectations long after Dolan’s group is gone.

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