The Department of Defense released a mobile app that will help service members adjust to life at home after returning from combat deployments.

The app, called the Positive Activity jackpot, was developed by the national Center for Telehealth and Technology. It uses augmented reality with a smartphone GPS to help find nearby activities and diversions for someone used to the high-tempo of combat life.

The center uses a behavioral therapy, called pleasant event scheduling, as the basis for the app. It encourages a daily schedule of enjoyable activities to improve moods and overcome depression.

“After returning from a combat deployment, service members who are used to a more structured daily schedule may have difficulty adjusting to life at home,’ said Dr. Amanda Edwards Stewart, a psychologist who led the development of the Positive Activity Jackpot. “This can lead to difficulties with relationships, depression and other problems.”

The app can be used by anyone, but should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment.

Information can be found here.

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