The Colorado Springs City Council chose a mix of health care executives, real estate developers and and finance professionals for the seven-member Board of Trustees for Memorial Health System.

Marcy Morrison, former mayor of Mantiou Springs and former Commissioner of Insurance for the state of Colorado, is one of the new members. Fred Veitch, vice president of Nor’wood Development Group, also received a spot.

Other board members include: Jim Johnson, owner of G.E. Johnson Construction; Jan Wieland, vice president of investments at Cascade Investment Group; Curtis Brown, senior vice president of investments at UBS; Dirk Draper vice president, CH2MHill and Debbie Chandler, CEO of Colorado Springs Health Partners.

Doug Stemple, CEO of Classic Homes, and Stephen Gold are alternate members.

Weiland, Morrison and Brown have all served on the Memorial board in the past, said Scott Hente, president of City Council.

Per the MHS bylaws, Karen Anthony, MHS chief of staff and Dar Larson, auxiliary president will continue to serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the Board.

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The names were chosen from a list of 36 nominees.

As for what requirements the Council sought in choosing the board, Hente said that each council member decided individually.

“But I think we all looked for community leaders, people with experience on boards,” he said. “We wanted people with health care and governance experience.”

All of the chosen members have agreed to serve, Hente said, with the possible exception of one, whom he declined to name.

Council allowed people to nominate themselves, and individual members of City Council also threw names into the hat, said Amy Cox, council liaision.

“The process the board used – there was no process,” she said. “They just nominated people and then voted.”

City council will choose “one or two” council members to serve as ex-officio members of the board. But Hente put off that decision, because three members of Council were absent – Brandy Williams, Bernie Herpin and Merv Bennett.

“I think we’ll wait to choose those until all nine members of council are present,” Hente said.

Both the Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have standards of leadership for hospitals. Both say the governing board is the responsible party not only for the financial health of the system, but for the quality of care given by its staff.

The new board has a steep learning curve, said Mike Scialdone, interim CEO of the health system.

“And we’re going to get rolling right away,” he said. “We’re not going to waste time, we”ll get them up to speed.”

Health care systems have to deal with a myriad of regulations from state and federal governments, as well as a myriad of billing and insurance issues, Scialdone said.

Scialdone also issued a statement to Memorial’s staff:

“On behalf of Memorial Health System, I would like to thank City Council for their work on what I know has been a very difficult issue. Memorial looks forward to working with the new Board of Trustees during what is a very exciting time for our health system and community.

“On behalf of the associates, we also look forward to putting the noise and distractions behind us and focusing our community on what we are about, and that is great patient care.”

Other nominees:

– Al Farr

– Al Meuller

– Charle Gorby

– Christopher Erickson

– Danny Raider

– Dar Larsen

– David Mize

– Doris Ralston

– Doug Landolfi

– Karen Anthony

– Paul Pavlik

– Raphael Sassower

– Jay Patel

– Jill Gaebler

– Joan Gurvis

– Joe Woodford

– Kailash Jaitly

– Karl Spiecker

– Karla Heard-Price

– Kathy Boe

– Keth Ketelsen

– Mary Beazley

– Thomas Saba

– Virginia Smith

– Walter Lawson

– William Murry