Two independent bakers who got their start in a community kitchen in Old Colorado City have teamed up to Bliss Bakery.

Michelle Asher, who owns Simply Bliss Desserts, and Mike Buzzell, who owns Mile High Whoopie Pie, will open Bliss Bakery and Kitchen at 818 Village Center Drive at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

The two were working out of Gotta Love It! a community kitchen, in Old Colorado City when they met. They have been selling their goods through special order, wholesale and at farmers and art markets.

“We both just got to a place where we felt like we had outgrown that kitchen,” Asher said.

They had each independently looked at leasing the bakery location near Rockimmon Road and Vindicator Drive, she said.

“But neither of us felt like we were big enough to have our own space all to ourselves,” Asher said.

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They both live within a mile of the new location and have developed a strong friendship at Gotta Love It! So they decided to take on the endeavor together.

Tin addition to selling their own baked goods, they will rent commercial kitchen space to food start-ups like themselves, Asher said.

She said there are two other commercial kitchens in town that rent space, but they’re both farther south.

Asher and Buzzell noticed a strong demand for commercial kitchen space when they were at Gotta Love It! And decided they wanted to include that in their new location.

“We wanted to help others do what we did,” Asher said. “We want to give people a place to start their business before they take the big plunge we just took with signing a lease and everything.”