Statewide proceeds were up in Colorado gambling towns month-over-month in March and Cripple Creek was no exception.

But Cripple Creek didn’t show the same annual progress other gambling communities in the state did.

Proceeds were up in Cripple Creek from nearly 9 percent to $11.4 million in March from $10.3 million in February.

While proceeds were up month-over-month in nearby Cripple Creek, a mountain gambling town about 40 miles west of Colorado Springs, they were still down slightly from the same levels last year.

Proceeds in Cripple Creek fell from $11.5 million in March of 2011 to $11.4 million this March.

The  numbers run counter to state trends, which saw year-over-year  increases for all of the mountain gambling towns  rise nearly 9 percent from $65.6 million in March 2011 to $71.3 million in March 2012.

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Both Blackhawk and Central City had higher proceeds for the year and for the month.