Michael Chodos, associate administrator, office of entrepreneurial development, U.S. Small Business Administration

A luncheon held by the SBA and Score will feature ways to help small business.

Scheduled for April 19, the guest speaker is Michael Chodos, associate administrator in the office of entrepreneurial development for the U.S. Small Business Administration, who oversees the SBA’s counseling, training and mentoring programs. He also is the head of the SBA’s 14,000 business coaches and experts through Small Business Development Centers, the Women’s Business Center and SCORE.

The event also aims to highlight SBA and SCORE services for aspiring entrepreneurs, said Jerry Musselman, chairman of the Colorado Springs chapter of SCORE.

The luncheon also features speaker Ken Yancey, SCORE’s CEO. Nationwide, SCORE has served more than 9.5 million existing and aspiring small business owners.

One of the local businesses that sought the help of Colorado Springs SCORE, Janska clothing, will be recognized at the luncheon as Business of the Year. Janska makes both fashion and wellness clothing has doubled its sales in recent years.

“They’ve got this attitude that ‘we don’t know everything,’ but if they bump up to something they don’t understand, they we will go out and find help,” Musselman said.

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Last year, Colorado Springs SCORE counselors met with about 800 clients and hosted workshops for 1,400 people interested in starting their own business.

SCORE is a nonprofit association that helps small businesses get off the ground and grow through mentoring and education. It offers seminars on business research, market strategies, accounting, financial projections and financing.

SCORE is sponsored by the Small Business Administration and works in tandem with the Small Business Development Center. Musselman said SCORE volunteer experts are not just retired business executives, but people still in the work force. The idea is to provide expert knowledge to local entrepreneurs and grow small business in Colorado Springs, he said.

For details about the event go www.coloradosprings.score.org