Xpedx Paper Stores will be closing its location at 2443 N. Union Boulevard on April 30.

The national paper company, which provides paper and supplies for printers and businesses, announced earlier this month that it would close nearly all of its retail locations, but will continue to provide online services through its Xpedx.com center and its locations in Denver. The company has a distribution center and a store in Denver.

In addition to shuttering the store on Union, the company will close one at 5290 Vance St. in Arvada, company spokeswoman Lisa Jonas wrote in an email.

Jonas said the distribution center at 1735 Jet Stream Dr. in Colorado Springs closed last year, and local customers are using the center in Denver.

Xpedx will continue to operate two facilities in Denver – a large distribution center located at 3900 Lima St. and the Xpedx Paper store at 106 S. Santa Fe Dr.

“Xpedx has been evaluating how to best position its operations within the quickly changing print industry,” according to a release about the closures.

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Jonas wrote in an email that the Arvada store that’s closing has five employees and the one on North Union Boulevard has four employees.

“To meet our long-term growth plan we will transition from our current stores model and begin servicing many of our customers from Xpedx’s well-established distribution network,” Xpedx’s vice president, Communications Rick Ouellette said in a statement, “as well as from 14 additional locations in 10 markets with high concentrations of digital printers.”

Employees at the closing stores will continue to work with Xpedx until services have been fully transferred to the distribution center.

  • This is Lisa Jonas who you quoted in this article. I am writing to clarify the incorrect statements you made.

    Regarding the fate of the store located at 1735 Jet Stream Dr. in Colorado Springs, I wrote:
    “The Jet Stream Drive facility is not a store. We used to have a smaller distribution center in Colorado Springs. It closed last year and our customers in Colorado Springs are now being serviced by the distribution center in Denver.”

    Additionally, I want to point out that I specifically corrected your mischaracterization about the relationship between our stores and xpedx.com. Yes we have a website that people can buy from – but that doesn’t mean we are closing our stores and just directing people to an online solution as your article implies.

    What I told you was that xpedx does have a very large and robust eCommerce site at xpedx.com and customers in Arvada and Colorado Springs where our stores are closing could certainly shop there if they chose to establish an account. But service will be continuing from our two locations in Denver – a distribution center and a store.

    These may seem like unimportant details Amanda but they are extremely important to our customers and employees in the area.

    Should this story go to print, I ask that you please take the time to correct the misstatements.

    – Lisa Jonas, Communications Manager, xpedx