U.S. employers are growing more optimistic about 2012, according to a survey by Right Management, a subsidiary of ManpowerGroup.

One in three companies predicts growth an increased hiring for the rest of the year. In March 2011, only one in five U.S. employers was confident about growth and hiring.

Right Management surveyed executives at 631 organizations across the United States, representing the government, nonprofit, as well as the public and private sectors.

According to the survey, 36 percent say they expect to hire more people, while 55 percent say their hiring plans are unchanged from 2011. A total of 11 percent say it will be a year of cutbacks and restructuring.

“Beneath the caution, organizations are becoming more positive about the economy and their own businesses,” said Bram Lowsky, group executive vice president. “There have been so many ‘false positives’ in the past two years, that most executives temper their enthusiasm until they see consistent, strong data. But the numbers from our study suggest a clear upward trend, especially in respect to hiring.”

Right Management has offices in 50 countries and provides temporary help to companies of all sizes.

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